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    Would you say, it's in general possible, to upgrade train stations or airports afterwards with other params?

    Yes, you have two sets of params, one is general for .con, another specific for template, the game will join them together when build the station.

    the vanilla game station puts all into the template, but you can leave them in the .con.

    It seems that it's not working for all types of Constructions (esp. Airports, Rail Stations).

    "it only workes when modular" - don't think so because the vienna bridge asset is not modular.

    Instead, I suspect upgrading only works, if the con is not modular.

    The modular station and non modular ones works essentially over the same fundemental.

    I don't know any other mod than my own mod using live text so I think it's not necessary to reintroduce it into tpf2, the built-in textlable is way better.

    I am thinking of a 3D one for tpf2, but yet got time to make it.

    The one I left on git in novembre works with tpf2 without problem as I have tested it, and I have readapted it to .net core 3.

    Well, I've been converting Enzojz to convert his "livetext" for a few days now. It is by far the most difficult MOD I convert to UnixRoot its Natural_Environment_Pro_1 mod. But I am very hopeful that I will get the "sometime" if the two of them don't get ahead of me.

    One thing has almost been done :thumbup:


    You should have asked me before...

    I have convert livetext generator during the beta testing of the game, just didn't release it since I see no use of it with introducing of textlables

    The updated generator generates mdl adaptes to tpf2.

    poEdit comes with decompiling tool msgunfmt.exe in it's bin folder

    However, if you want to put the correct in official release, you need to ask Tom for the po file, as what I have done with the Chinese translation (the original one comes with massive errors)

    Station from Tpf can be easily adapted to Tpf2, in fact the game accpet the old format and old mode (with minor modification on track nodes), but there are two reasons it's not widely done yet:

    1. The modification mode doesn't comes with a scrollbar, and most of the stations has many options... so you can see only top options there (Tom told me this would be fixed)

    2. We have better way to reduce the options by modular construction, but that need times to adopte, it's almost like to redesign a mod, as you see I spent almost two months to port the underground station

    I will port the Ultimate Station but it's more complicated with modular mode, I need some time to think out a good proposal.

    Lo2k, that name reminds me.

    Vous êtes Laurent de GP4Editor?

    mo is the compiled format of poEdit, so you can use poEdit to decompile it then edit it

    It's still working for TPF2 and improved for some feature in Tpf2, with support from UG

    From my understanding, in tpf2 the graphics and logical engine are run in async way that's why they are split.

    in general in a game_script you have guiEventHandler and eventHandler, the communication from guiEventHandler to eventHander via game.interface.sendScriptEvent, then load/save get datas from game engine back to graphcis engine.

    In general the two saves different states.

    I have uploaded my Underpass mod yesterday and there is what I discovered in the mod about this.

    I can create a floating window, put a button or text in it, run a script when clicking, open it and close it program also highlight it.

    You can't get data into the constructions, everything is top level down, the only injection that I find is calling the construction from eventHandler, but I have yet tried to access a game_script global from the construction, I don't know if it works

    But at least there's a way:

    in common api game_script : guiEventHander -> proposalPreview -> open track selection window -> (waiting for) -> proposalApply -> (if the mod is declared to support api) -> sendScriptEvent -> (in mod script) upgradeConstrdution with injection trackType -> (close track selection window) --> in general what you said above but so far there's a bug there is no event when modification is on the way/done, nothing reacts to the module.

    The states in params.module is saved, params will be clear each time.

    Modular station is not mandatory, old construction script is working too

    For every game_script there are two lua environement, graphics and game engine, the state data in game engine can be copied to graphics, from graphics event can be sent to game engine

    All datas can be saved and reload in gamesave automatically.

    We can have interface with text, image and button with text/image, a simple layout system.

    I don't know if data can be shared between game_scripts (except event system), if it's possible, common api as a public on call game_script is enough.

    What I suppose to do:

    With an event request, pop up a icon list of tracks, on clicking on the icon, broadcast an event with track.lua name, that's simple and elegant

    However I think UG should merge track upgrade function into station, that's much more simple.

    Still I did a lite convertor by myself, since I hope to convert my mods easily like executing an exe (I tried to adapte your convertor with Lua52.exe but failed since too complicated dependency)
    I will post it here later when it's working, it do only little work in general transfering materials from msh to mdl then adaptation of mdl, no animation work will be done since in my mods there's no animation..

    Ok, I'm here.

    Just have done a quick review of the script, it's good enough so I won't do my convertor.

    But I suggest to make it a standalone pack that so executed under the mod root to make the conversion

    I'll try it with a house. Is stop ne exit to ner Open Cut Station which is located in the middle of the city, since it is unfortunately all flat and the trick with the steeper terrain is so difficult to implement.

    @EAT1963 Which tunnel exits do not cause this ugly rocky edge above? TheThe

    Open cut station, track design patterns and flying junctions are three mods that work great together.

    The trick is to update the construtions after all is done, to unify the terrain. before this you can detach the tracks from the things, then no tracks.

    and built with track design patterns planner to easy the paramtering

    There's one thing that a mod can do but can't done by hand in this game: open a hole on the map.

    it would be great if the new game supports runtime text generation.

    I don't want another Skyline, Cities in motion was good, skyline is not fun.


    I remembered you mentioned once in this topic, but I can't refind it out.
    Which GUI lib you use for common api?

    I see you have updated the steam version, that's great it seems the track error injected by some mod tracks are now away.