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Welcome to the fan community of Transport Fever and Train Fever, the economic simulators of Urban Games. The community is free for you to share and inform yourself about the game. We cultivate a friendly and objective interaction with each other and our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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The Team of the Transport-Fever Community

    Good evening!

    The first release has been uploaded and is now available!…iledetails/?id=1727187332

    It currently contains:
    Class 387 - Great Western Railway
    Class 387 - Great Northern
    Class 387 - Thameslink
    Class 387 - Gatwick Express
    Class 387 - C2C

    Repaints will be updated as and when, and I do intend to add other repaints, I shall do them as and when I can.


    Hello and thanks for stopping by!

    I've set myself the new challenge, with the permission of Yung Lenin the original author, of creating a repaint pack for his absolutely fabulous Class 377 Southern Electrostar. I have attached some screenshots of my current work.

    Happy to hear feedback and constructive criticisms of course! I do intend to do more repaints for various trains however please do be mindful I have a very busy working and home life, and whilst I understand we all want to see more British trains in TpF there is only one of me :)



    Episode #11

    Episode 11 has come steaming round the corner and is now ready for you to view!

    In this Episode we see Mr Brian Souter (Who in 1888 was almost definitely alive) join the show with a Liverpool to Sheffield service. To do this we complete the remaining section of the line between Edale and Sheffield, and put some knitting and Coathangers in Manchester. Exciting stuff right?


    Is there such a mod out there that prevents towns/cities from expanding the road system? I'm wanting to map out the roads myself and the city to stick the buildings in itself. I use the fence mod which is a road disguised as a fence, and it keeps upgrading itself into a city road which is very irritating!

    Thank you!


    Episode #10

    Well episode 10 has just come bouncing out the workshop and is now ready to view!

    In this episode we're putting the finishing touches to our Hull - Sheffield route, and by finishing touches I mean adding trains!

    We then ponder what to do next, the South Transpennine route is the more obvious choice as half the route is already built for us... But naturally I go steaming in without giving it much thought and start at the wrong place!

    Episode #8

    Episode 8 is online and ready to view!

    In episode 8 we connect up a stone quarry near Wakefield with the Scunthorpe Construction Materials factory. We also add some of the trackwork in around Wakefield which we shall be using later.

    Episode #9

    Episode 9 is online and ready to view!

    In episode 9 we bring some passenger services to the East of the Pennines. We connect Sheffield to Hull via Doncaster, however no matter how hard we try, both Sheffield and Rotherham want to make it as difficult for us as possible!

    Episode #7

    Episode 7 is online and ready to view!

    In episode 7 crisis hits! We're not delivering any steel, therefore there is a backlog at the factory and production has collapsed! There's not much building in this one folks, we're simply trying to rescue the service on a budget!

    Episode #6

    Episode 6 is online and ready to view!

    In this episode we look at constructing the first of many Transpennine crossings, the Woodhead Line. This route will be used solely for goods traffic which we hope to build on throughout the series. I also make a pledge not to use anymore pork barrels! We shall see how long that one lasts.

    Episode #5

    Episode 5 is online and ready to view!

    In this video we look at expanding our passenger network from Manchester Victoria to Southport via Bolton and Wigan. We then do some preparation in the Stalybridge area for the next video which will see us construct the Woodhead line over the Pennines.

    Ah my sincere apologies, they're all linked from my Facebook so am unsure how they've got deleted... Anyway I shall upload them via an attachment!

    Episode #2

    Episode 2 is online and ready to view!

    In episode 2 we have a quick gloss over what we've done so far, and also the cheeky little bits you've missed while you've been away! We then move onto todays main task, which is expanding out of Liverpool up the West Coast towards Preston.

    Oh don’t worry this pack hasn’t died at all! There are many projects in the pipeline! The problem I have is I have so much to do and so little time to do it

    Thank you so much for the feedback! Yes you can see the Transpennine map i'm working on via my Youtube channel which should be linked below VVV

    I'm working on a let's play, as soon as I have worked out how to delete those dreadful contour lines I shall release it.

    As for the UK Repaint pack i'm really glad you like it (I'm going to get shouted at by moderators for changing the subject... shhhh don't tell them!) I'm wanting to do more repaints but the only buses I can really use as base vehicles are the Citaro, the Volvo 5000 and the Streetcar. I'm hoping somebody will actually 3d model some more buses for TpF that I can use for the repaint pack.

    Kind regards as always

    Joe :)

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    Whilst it's not specifically focused on the Hartlepool area I am currently in the process of creating a Transpennine Map which will span from Liverpool and Manchester up towards Newcastle and Middlesbrough. So it will have some of the North Eastern region in it. :)