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Willkommen in der Transport Fever Community

Welcome to the fan community of Transport Fever and Train Fever, the economic simulators of Urban Games. The community is free for you to share and inform yourself about the game. We cultivate a friendly and objective interaction with each other and our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Registration and use is of course free for you.


We wish you a lot of fun and hope for active participation.

The Team of the Transport-Fever Community

    OK, I finally ended my 2-week business trip, and I came back~:)


    Taking advantage of the 7-day National Day holiday, last night I decided to record a complete railway operation video on this "Megalomaniac" game map, which was created in early 2020.

    4 hours of full railway running video on this map~

    This is part one.

    ------Adjustments to the game------

    The current game screen of TPF2 is more inclined to cool colors, which should be UG to be compatible with most players' monitors (especially notebook screens). .

    So, I modified and reset the whole TPF2 game "picture, lighting, HDR, depth of field, railways, LODs" etc. . .Through the video, you should be able to feel the instantaneous change of light as the train exits the tunnel,

    as well as better details of the sky/clouds/light/scene, all without affecting any game performance. (Please compare it with your own TPF2 game screen for specific changes.)


    So, relax and enjoy this 4 hour journey~:)

    --video------part one---



    ( Sitting at the tail of the Intercity EMU )~ video


    Some people want me to record a video of the intercity/high-speed rail on this 1:4 "Megalomaniac" map. OK, we'll record a video tonight, let's go~sit in the tail cab of the EMU~~8)


    UG You really don't plan to solve and repair the wall problem at the switch position in the railway tunnel?:saint:




    Generally speaking, MOD authors cannot reply to your specific MOD release time. Basically, every mod author is making mods in his spare time. My personal energy is limited, I can't precisely say the release time of each MODs, at most I can only tell you a rough estimate of the time.

    All of my UEP2 -MOD series posts are mainly to let players know about the release / progress update of MODs, and also let other mod authors know which mods you are working on, so as to avoid duplication making.

    You only need to know the author's MOD making progress through the post. If a MOD you want to know does not appear in the post, it means that it has not been completed.


    Explore underground. .some new content~;)


    The day after tomorrow is China's Mid-Autumn Festival, plus Teacher's Day on Monday, it's just three days off, and the whole family is ready to eat moon cakes.


    After the Mid-Autumn Festival, I will have a business trip starting next week, and back at the end of the month, so there should be no new UEP2 series MOD released in the next three weeks. .

    The next MOD release will have to wait until the National Day holiday on October 1st to continue.. . .

    See you on October 1st.;)


    PS: This is really TPF2. . :D:D:D:D





    Explore underground. .

    This is really TPF2. .^^


    Go underground along the maintenance corridor.:)

    A modern intercity high-speed rail tunnel with lighting and ventilation/fire/circuit systems~:)

    Another railway tunnel opposite the escape door.

    CRH6A intercity EMU passed

    An intercity railway station at a depth of 20 meters.

    Tunnel fire/explosion-proof gates and various pipelines~

    Hey, some passenger broke through the door without permission~^^


    VIDEO :

    The Commuter Train for Railroad Workers (Chapter 1)


    In the early morning, drive the commuter train of passenger and freight mixed railway employees that runs weekly, stop at the stations/freight marshalling station along the line, pick up the railway staff and transport the daily necessities. . . .:)


    The video uses the voice of the LKJ-2000 locomotive operation monitoring system of Chinese railway locomotives in the 1990s-2000s.


    Currently I am trying to implement the triggering of the locomotive monitoring voice system in TPF2 (such as the "Sifa Zwangsbremsung" that German railway drivers are most afraid to hear.:evil:..).

    In the follow-up experiment, I'll try the keyboard keys are bound to TPF2 and then triggered, so that players can use the keys to start/stop the train anytime (in fact, this is a shortcut key that UG should add..:/)

    Anyway, let's go step by step. . There is still a lot to try and test. .

    Um. . I think TPF2 is slowly starting to change from a logistics transportation sim to a train driving sim. . :saint:




    -------[UEP2] _014b_---- 2022.09.02 ------ DONE

    [uep2]_08b_ Toll gate (2_in_1)-------- DONE



    Copyright declaration: original model works, without permission, no reprint and commercial sale!



    [uep2]_08b_ Toll gate (2_in_1)





    [uep2]_08b_ Toll gate (2_in_1)

    Available time: 1925



    1. This mod adds a new toll gate to your game.

    2. You can find the mod in the road options. Also find traffic isolation piers in the asset options.

    3. The mod integrates road stations and depots, you can choose between 2 lanes or 4 lanes.

    4. You can use the mod as a passenger/cargo transfer station. When vehicles pass by, the toll gate railing will automatically open.

    5. Don't use any mods that directly replace the game's roads!

    -------Feedback about the use of MOD.-----------

    (1). If you encounter any problems in using the mod, please report it to the author in time. and provide the stdout.txt file in the X:\xxxxx\STEAM\userdata\xxxxxxxx\1066780\local\crash_dump\ folder to the MOD author, so that the author can check and solve the MOD problem in time.

    (2). A warm reminder for newbies: Before using MOD, please be sure to read the author's MOD instructions carefully, and don't mindlessly subscribe! ! !Do not use mods that directly replace the game's default road/railway and any game's default parameter settings, which will cause your other mods to fail to work properly! ! !Please plan and subscribe to MOD reasonably, and load MOD in the order of SCRIPT, railway, road, station, and asset. .


    Copyright declaration: original model works, without permission, no reprint and commercial sale!


    MOD by:HugeDragonYK HAVE FUN. 2022.09.02 v1.1


    have fun~:)

    -------2022.09.02-------(Northern Hemisphere Time Zone)-----

    This is the second part of the UEP2_08b - Toll gate series MOD. . . 3D Modelling was completed last year. . .

    Then. . After replacing the notebook and copy files last year. . I forgot about this MOD. . . .:D

    Finish it all tonight. . Fill this hole. . .to be released tomorrow night~ 09.02






    According to the current MOD making and release plan of my UEP2 series, I plan to complete and release the airship station/hospital/fire station mod before October. In November-December it is the ferry terminal / SWAT / police station MOD.

    At the same time, in the next month, I need to take the time to optimize the modules and upgrade the functions of the International Port MOD.

    The Coal Bulk Dock mod is in the mod plan for UEP2, but it won't be made any time soon.

    After all, my personal energy is limited and everything is made in my spare time. Let's go step by step.

    Railway in the Mountains (Part 1) VIDEO

    Continue our mountain railway construction on this 1:4 "Megalomaniac" map over the weekend.:)

    In order to better reflect the foggy effect in the early morning in the mountains, I have modified the game light/HDR of TPF2, which is more in line with the climatic conditions of the mountains. . .

    At the same time, I tried the NIS sharpening effect of the N card in the game for the first time.


    The total number of mods used: 1042 (including the UEP2 series mods that are currently being tested in the map).

    Current game memory usage: 39.43G. (VULKAN)

    Current video memory usage: 8.63G. (VULKAN + NV-NIS 10%)

    Game Resolution: 2K - 144HZ.



    No, it's not the problem with the COMMON API, I also use your COMMON API parameter settings in my mod. .

    It was that old railway mod causing the problem. . It directly overwrites the default track for all games. . And also overwrites/rewrites the tracks and parameter settings in some train stations that I have placed on the game map. . So, now I can't delete this mod anymore. . Unless I delete all train stations on the entire game map first. . This doesn't necessarily work yet. . . Now, this game map has been used for more than 2 years, and it has undergone 2 TPF2 game version updates. . . can do this. . I am already very satisfied with this game map. . .

    Personally, TPF2's rail/road/station mods have always been the hardest hit by game compatibility issues. To solve these problems, it is still necessary for the corresponding MOD author to update the MOD in time according to the game version. After all, players just go and subscribe to their favorite mods and use them, as for how mods work. . Most players don't understand it. . . To solve all possible MOD problems, it is still up to the MOD author himself. . .

    PS: As an aside, I remember one of the most crashing times when I helped gamers solve MOD problems. . . He only told me that this mod doesn't work in game. . The game will report an error. . . Then I checked the error in detail. . . till the end. . . I was shocked to find out. . . This player downloaded the game mod for the TPF1 era. . . Then put it into TPF2. . . Then load it directly in the game. . . . I really wanted to bang my head against the wall, really. . .;(

    For MOD authors, in many cases, all we can do is to ensure that the mod is as compatible as possible with the player's game save.

    The MOD loaded in each player's game save is different, and these may cause compatibility or conflict problems, which cannot be avoided and solved by a single MOD author. What I can do is to modify the MOD based on the default parameters of the game. Full development debugging and testing. Avoid all possible problems. But I really can't do anything about MOD compatibility/conflict issues in a save game.

    For a 1:4 "Megalomaniac" game map I am currently using, I used 430 MODs when this game map was generated two years ago, and now, this map has used 1370 MODs . . At the moment I can't load any new railroad mods in the save game of this map. Because at the time I used a USSR railway track MOD based on the COMMON API, which directly replaced the game's default railway track. . I can't remove this mod or use some of the new rail track/station mods now. . . This will cause the game to crash due to conflicting/lost mods. . That's why I would object some MODs that directly replaces the game's default parameters being released. . .

    As you guys mentioned, there is a mod compatibility issue in the save. . . Therefore, it is up to the player to decide how to select and retain mods in a game save. . I can only guarantee that my mod can run stably under the default parameters of the game, but I can't deliberately modify my mod because of a player's save compatibility/save conflict. I will upgrade all my released MODs as planned to maximize game compatibility for most players, but for MOD conflicts in archives, it's the same as Schrödinger's cat. . Some MODs may directly change the game parameters, which will cause the MODs of other authors to run incorrectly, but the player wants to use it , so the player needs to decide how to load the MOD in the archive.

    Solve and optimize the MOD compatibility issues of TPF2 game saves, reducing crashes and errors caused by game compatibility. . At the same time, let some new mod authors realize that when making mods, they should not arbitrarily override or modify the default settings of the game, so as to avoid game crashes or cause trouble to the normal operation of other mod authors' works. . . This should be done by UG officials, to publicize and explain! !

    As a MOD author, I can only make the MOD content I want on the basis of TPF2, and upgrade them at any time according to the game version. And I guarantee that the default content and parameter settings of the game will not be replaced at will, to ensure the compatibility of players when they use MOD to play the game, this is what I can do now.