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    Hey there!

    Little update from the upcoming ART DECO skyscrapers mod!

    I have finished my 10th building today and even though the collection already gives quite a decent skyline - I think of adding few more buildings and maybe decorate the facades some more.

    Here are few screenshots to give you a better idea of the ever-growing towers ;)


    Of course ;) ..the only thing about it is the height... at 319metres tall this would 'dwarf' (LOL) any building in TpF2! So far the buildings ready are in 100-200 meters range (and they are huge)!

    Hey guys!

    Do you remember ART DECO airport from December's ADVENT CALENDAR?

    Now it's time to get some era-matching buildings... few of them are already being tested in-game.

    Are you ready for some new SKYSCRAPERS or should I stick to the airports only? ;)

    Let me know!


    You mean like this one?

    Length of the paths between airport nodes is 25m each - it is not possible to change that without changing gate size and modifying the whole airport configuration file.

    That's why I negotiated aggressively with NEP creator for him to add the option for LESSBLUE version - it looks much more realistic with Skybox desaturated a bit (about 20%). This aircraft model is EPIC! Beautiful rivets detail and the new landing gear as well as more visible NORMAL map ... the numerous antennae, nose landing light and engine details are superb too!;)

    Hey ;)

    A little update about the upcoming Regional Airport Terminal!


    - external and internal lights, various details,

    - roof vents, internal signage (EXITS), terminal ARTWORK has been put in (upstairs and downstairs),

    - all animation : monitor, doors, lifts and baggage belt! (thank you DH-106 !)

    - apron and its decoration, terminal perfectly aligned to match other terminals of the same type or previous Regional Airport terminals,

    - added jetway, airport NAME in green neon airside (above GATE) / white neon TERMINAL landside (above main door),

    - passenger paths/stairs (almost ready - testing) - Zombies are visible at all stages of their travel!

    Also now sun penetrates the building creating shadows. The views from the GATE area onto the runway will NOT disappoint you!

    I am hoping to release around the weekend! Fingers crossed!

    Please enjoy the pictures ;)






    You are right - the film noir is purely because of no light source in Blender - it will be always sunny in game world! I know the game doesn't disperse light properly - and until it does this will be purely eye-candy decoration lights ;)

    Hey there!

    A week later and the terminal has been fully textured in Blender and is receiving lights for that day/night cycle that will come in the future ;)

    I still have to do transparent terminal windows and few artwork frames, baggage belt... then it will be off to creating those passenger lanes (going up the stairs ect... )

    Still a lot of work ahead but I guess the halfway mark has been passed so it's closer to the final version and of course release!

    But I leave few screenshots for you to sneek-peek, judge and hopefully enjoy!


    Manni, Manni... indeed! Thank you :) There is no place to put visitors terrace on this TERMINAL building - but there are 2 terraces on each building on top of Art Deco Airport Terminals!

    One day there should be airport assets series with weather radar, ground radar and will then add that plane-spotter platform as well! ;)