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Welcome to the fan community of Transport Fever and Train Fever, the economic simulators of Urban Games. The community is free for you to share and inform yourself about the game. We cultivate a friendly and objective interaction with each other and our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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The Team of the Transport-Fever Community

    Hey guys!

    My latest mod just came out! You will find 18 NEW buildings in it to make your cities look even more awesome!

    Many of those buildings are of medium height (up to 100m) so will fit perfectly into smaller cities without many highrises.

    Here's the link for those who want to get them: ART DECO SKYSCRAPERS - USA

    Enjoy! ;)

    The business class seats must be the most comfortable and the most spacious than on any existing airline ;) They almost look like they were meant for much bigger zombies! Beautiful work as always! Looking forward to the finished mod ;)

    Hey there!

    Indeed there are small and large airship terminals on my hardrive somewhere that were meant to be placed on a custom airship airfield. They still require some work as DH-106 rightfully pointed out - we shelved the project awaiting a solution to the airship parking stop cunundrum. Meanwhile a fleet of beautifully designed Zeppelins awaits at DH-106's workshop/hangar to be unmoored!

    hugedragonyk - your mods are awesome, one of a kind and very innovative! I honestly think that your helicopter mod once released can be very helpufl in addressing the problem with airship stop. I'm quite curious!

    As I understand it : a skyskraper (helicopter/airship station) idea has been incoporated into hugedragonyk's helicopter mod which makes me very happy!

    Huge congratulations on your work/solutions thus far! Well done :thumbup:

    Good evening to you all and looking forward to the helicopter mod release! ;)

    Awesome ;) I once had a project with DH-106 about Airship Airfield but couldn't get past the 90 degree turn to the terminal in the airport configuration file.... UG told me it was IMPOSSIBLE with the current game code and that it would be some point... in the future... BUT YOU MADE IT!

    CONGRATULATIONS! ;) Love that you used my idea to put it on top of a skyscaper;)


    What I really would love to see in game is TOURISM demand.. It could be set at 5% population from each city travels and then each landmark could be attracting +1% - landmarks could make money just like vehicles upon a visit. Let's say they could travel only to other cities to see landmarks and they would be split equally between means of transport. If they had only a railway connection then 100% tourist traffic would move on a train . Train and aircraft - tourist traffic could be split 50-50. What do you think?

    Thank you ;)

    For the moment I am preparing another batch of Art Deco buildings from different cities in the USA. The original art deco airport I made a year ago is available for download - I might look into other terminals at some point too ;)

    Those are really beautiful! If I could offer some advice - for white elements on your buildings - a crisper white marble texture could add a lot of realism (apart from the normal map you already incorporated):)

    I mean something like this?

    Maybe it's worth a try and you see if you like it!

    They look great regardless ;)


    ... :) indeed until the update modyfing airport mechanics is released Airship Airfield is quite impossible to make.. (speaking from experience).

    The spring update seems to be concentrating on tycoon style game.. so no idea what else is included. Fingers crossed to see your awesome models in game soon!

    Thank you very much - and I am on the side of the players who can have more choice of mods ;) Feelings or not - if there is a will there's a way but only when people act in good faith! Have a good one too!

    You guys make it all worth it - so thank you very much ;) I'll keep the mods coming for 'our' favourite game. A "good slide" into the New Year for you too!

    Hello there,

    The bittersweet moment has arrived and I'd like to make a little annoucement.

    Due to unfair treatment, bullying (private message and in public posts), lack of communication, criticism instead of friendly advice I received from this website moderator and various users I have decided not to upload any of my mods here anymore ( I will not name names but they know who they are and how they behaved often seeking conflict and not solutions ). It was also the reason why I haven't participaded in Advent Calendar this year.

    It's unfortunate as I really love creating for Transport Fever 2 and sharing with you guys but I think everyone has a limit to humiliation and general hostility from others. I am happy to have contributed to an underdevelopped part of the game by creating a huge variety of airports and airfields that finally got their own category as well as many new buildigs created jointly with and with permission of other 3d model designers as well as financially through donations to keep this website and community alive. I am proud of that.

    All this wouldn't be possible without help from few users that guided me along the way and who are true heroes - behind the scenes - they are a shining example of how great this community is and can be. Overall I had a great interaction with so many of you so I will remeber and treasure those moments. Also I have learned many funny and useful German words! I will still drop in from time to time to check out many great, high quality mods that are published here.

    If you enjoy my work and want to access future mods they will be available on steam workshop only from now on.

    Thank you again for your support, kind words and frendliness!

    Wishing you all a good start into the New Year and an excellent 2022!