Custom height map and city coordinates

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The Team of the Transport-Fever Community

  • The video takes you through the basics of placing cities on a custom heightmap.

    If you would like to use World Machine to design and create your own height maps, don't hesitate to ask if you get into trouble.
    Download it for free at or buy the cheapest version which is resolution independent (meaning you could make 4K or bigger height maps!)

    Placing the cities

    • Open the heightmap in Photoshop, Gimp or similar tools which have a ruler or measurement tool
    • Make sure you measure from the center of the image
    • The distance from the center of the image and to the end point of the measurement will generate a coordinate for X and Y axis
    • Set the resolution of the X and Y axis. This is very important to get right! Note that you can combine any of these resolutions to get long but narrow maps.
    • Type a name for the city
    • Type the X and Y axis values into the input fields, and the correct values will produced for you
    • Set the city size
    • Copy the LUA code
    • Paste the code into the towns section in the map.lua file.