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  • Guide with clues for mod authors

    Hello everyone, this lexicon entry serves as explanation/guide for the Base Set published by me and is aimed at mod authors who would like to use contents of this set in their creations.

    The following is included in the set:

    • American freight car bogie
    • AAR Type railroad couplings
    • End of train signal (EOT device)
    • American truck wheels and axles
    • Various American semi-trailers

    1 Railroad

    An example mdl-file can be found in the attachment

    The contained meshes are only meant for Lod_0, for more distant views they are dropped or, if necessary, replaced by vanilla meshes.

    1.1 Freight car bogie

    Built by MaikC and textured by Skyjoe, it fits under just about any freight car.

    1.2 AAR Type railroad couplings

    Model (Maikc, SD70M) and textures by SD70M

    Semi-automatic railway coupler which enjoys worldwide popularity.

    The model here is a generic variant that fits every vehicle. The coupler comes in four versions, without brake line, with brake line suitable for wagons and 2x with brake line suitable for locomotives.

    1.3 End of train signal

    Model and textures of SD70M

    A small flashing box that enables data to be send from the rear of the train to the locomotive and allows to control the pressure of the brake line. Again, there are two variants. One with a brake line and one without for couplings that are already equipped with a brake line

    2 Trucks

    Example mdl files are in the attachment

    2.1 Wheels/axles

    Model and textures by SD70M

    The origin in the model is z = 0. 56151. The included meshes are only meant for Lod_0, for more distant views they are replaced by vanilla meshes from e.g. the Peterbilt.

    2.2 American semi-trailers

    Model and textures by SD70M

    The included assets are available in two versions, one for use with tractors and one to be placed alone (“_single" at the end of the mdl name)

    The attached file includes example mdls of each of the trailers, as well as an example mdl for the coupling, eot and freight car bogie. Also included are pictures showing the dimensions of the coupling and its support.