calculated vehicle capacites with payload and loading volume

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  • An explanation for vehicle modder to support the mod "EMP: Heavy Cargo Challenge (calculated cargo weight)", the follower of the mod "cargo calculated weight" (short CCW) for TPF1.

    If you have already updated a vehicle-mod for the old CCW of TPF1, you know the steps already:

    Payload and loading volume have to be defined in the model definition (*.mdl file). Add new lines for maxWeight and maxVolume in block of transportVehicle and you are done.

    The maximum payload must be given in metric ton (t). Payload just means the allowed weight of cargo without the weight of the vehicle itself.

    The maximum loading volume must be given in cubic meter (m³). Loading volume means the full volume of the loading area. In most cases, this will be equal to the volume that can be calculated through the coordinates given to bbMin and bbMax if given.

    Please use only real values. Unreal values will just break fun of the wanted challenge.

    The block for transportVehicle is documented in TPF2-Wiki here:…layer_controlled_vehicles
    Just add the two mentioned values there and the script mod will calculate real capacities.

    illustrative example:

    transportVehicle = {
      ...               -- already given block
      maxWeight = 60.0,  -- payload in t
      maxVolume = 100.0, -- loading volume in m³

    hint: don't forget the comma at the end of the last already given line ;)