Steam-Workshop-Mod legal runterladen für Nicht-Steam-Nutzer

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  • Da ein anonymer Download gestattet ist, ist dies alles legal.


    Create a text file in the same folder where the steamcmd.exe is located.

    Paste the following content into this text file:

    1. @echo off
    2. setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
    3. cd /d "%~dp0"
    4. set /p id="Enter workshop ID: "
    5. steamcmd "+login anonymous" "+workshop_download_item 1066780 %id%" "+logout" "+quit"
    6. pause

    Rename the file to e.g. login tpf2.cmd - pay attention to the file extension .cmd.

    When you open this login tpf2.cmd with a double click, a prompt appears.

    Enter only the workshop ID, which is the 10-digit number at the end of the web address, e.g. in the case ofäre this would be 2408373260.

    Press Enter.

    The download is located in the SteamCMD subfolder: steamapps\workshop\content\1066780\.

    The download is not packed as a ZIP, but in a subfolder with the workshop ID as the folder name.

    The further procedure according to https://www-transportfever-net…o&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=de


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  • Wer sich in der Konsole (und das noch unter Windows ;-) ) nicht so wohl fühlt, der kann auch auf Webdienste zurückgreifen. Sehr gute Erfahrungen habe hatte ich mit Steam Workshop Downloader gemacht.