Commodity chains

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  • commodity chains, goods, iron, ore, coal, wood, oil

    What kinds of commodity chains are available yet?

    Commodity chains:

    Each supply chain works basically the same way.

    There are three levels:

    1: Raw material

    Raw materials are produced by different companies on the card and do not require anything.
    They are in fact the source for all produce able goods which are on the map.
    Raw materials can be processed further to other commodities or goods.

    The raw materials are:


    2: Processing raw materials

    Basic raw materials can/will be processed. These must be transported to a processing company that will be creating the final product out of the raw materials.
    According to the company type they will be transformed from one or two basic materials into one final product type.

    3: Final goods/products

    As a result of further processing we have a final product, a finished good.
    All finished goods will be handled by Train Fever as one product type (goods).

    1. Steel

    The steel mill requires the basics coal and iron. The steel mill will process both basics into products (goods).

    2. Plank The sawmill requires the basic raw material of wood and will process that into goods.

    3. Oil The oil refinery requires the basic raw material oil (created in oil wells).

    Note: All final goods need to be transported into Cities. Basically it doesn't matter where exactly you deliver them.
    However it is advisable to transport the goods to the industrial areas of the cities.

    Note2: This article will be supplemented by time. I also will add screenshots to it. The basic source of the article is from Train Fever user Dahara ( Warenketten )