Describing the contents and paths of the Small Cargo Station

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  • After modding the small cargo station I learned a lot and am passing on what I learned and will try to explain the contents of the cargo_medium_old.mdl file. This is the file to edit if you want to make changes to the station.

    This will explain what most of the entries in this Cargo Station and how the paths are configured.
    If there is no description next to an entry, it means I either don't know or it probably will not be changed.

    filename = cargo_medium_old.mdl
    filepath = Train Fever\res\models\model\station\road

    Each space above, between the segments, means the path is broken up into sections.
    I asked Basil Weber why the paths were cut up into smaller sections and this is his responce;

    If you look above at the personEdges, there are 3 sections for the cargo to wait along.
    Since there are 3 sections, this station can hold more than one type of cargo.
    If it was only one section or one Edge, it could only hold one type of Cargo.
    Also, Basil tells us how much cargo an Edge will hold or let wait in that section.

    By knowing this, we can figure out how much cargo can wait at this station.
    Basil said cargo items are 2x2 meters. So if you look above at the Edges the Cargo sits along, 22,23,24,
    Measure them in your 3D program and you will find that all 3 edge combined are 18 meters long.

    Now if you look above at how wide Edges 22,23,24, are, the fifth single number, they are 4 meters wide.

    So 18 meters long divided by 2 meters, the size of the cargo item, it will hold 9 cargo items down the length of the edges.
    The Edges are 4 meters wide so it will fit 2 cargo items wide so 9 x 2 is 18 cargo itmes per side.

    If you wanted the station to hold more cargo items, you would make the Edges longer and wider.

    I hope I explained this well enough for you to understand so you can mod your own station.

    Good luck