Emissive behind glass

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  • After a patch, it is possible to use emissive materials lying behind glass via a small detour.
    A change introduced in the Thank-You Patch can influence the rendering order so that even lamps behind glass light up.
    Since the patch, the Z-buffer is no longer written through the material if the appropriate settings are made in the .mtl file (that's why there were also problems with the road bridges).
    For the lights this has the effect that the light is rendered after the glass, although it lies behind the glass. The render result of the glass is overwritten by the light render result.

    The necessary adjustment must be made in the material of the glass surface. It is recommended that the glass surfaces concerned be given their own material for this purpose, as otherwise undesirable side effects such as twisted render sequences, defective shadows, etc. can occur. The following code block must be inserted there.

    Lua Source Code: glas.mtl

    1. polygon_offset = {
    2. forceDepthWrite = false,
    3. factor = -1,
    4. units = -1,
    5. },
    Ingame, it looks like this:

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  • Yoshi -

    Many thanks to @Merk, who had the idea for this approach, and to @mediziner, who tried it out on his Vectron as Proof of Concept and implemented it as an update.