Modding a train station, First step How to scripting the track?

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  • Hey everyone,
    I am going to bother you guys once again, I like to make my own train station mod and I found that the resource about this is even fewer. I have tried to study other modder's station but they were already too complicated for me to comprehend. ;( So I intend to do it step by step and asking for help along the way to see if I could make a train station in the end.

    I picture that to construct a train station...

    1. first is to scripting the track
    2.then make the track to have some sort of signal so the train will recognize there is a station.
    3.put a street connection
    4.adding a station building & platform model
    5.scripting the walking path

    I don't know if this is right or not?

    but in the first step I like to know how to draw a train track by coding? how can I make it work as a fixed object so I can put them anywhere on the map? And furthermore, how to draw the track with curvature. How to control the length of the track? and what about the double track? and How can I make a track above the surface or below? so I can make an elevated and underground station. I know it's a loaded question. I will be very appreciated even if you could only answer some of them. Thanks!

  • When you sometimes reach your step 5 perhaps this helps you a bit: Transport Network Provider - Lanes und ihre Bedeutungen
    Unfortunately its in german, but perhaps... >< It was written for TF but the basics should be the same for TpF. So not how to script them, but where ^^

    To point 1: Tracks should be doable like the Street-Connector. Its a simple small definition of a street. At least I think so >< So if you simply change the type from street to track... Would be my first idea. But I never played around with that my selfe :/