Solidarity with our Ukrainian friends

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Dear members and guests,

The barbaric war in Ukraine has been raging for several weeks now and more and more victims are being mourned. The suffering that has broken out over so many people is hard to put into words.

One of the many things in our forum rules says, this portal is neutral and politics does not belong here. We have thought about it for a long time, but sometimes it is not possible to stay neutral when basic human rights are completely denied. Our circle of fans consists of many nationalities, not only from German speaking countries, but also from Ukraine and Russia. We want to show our solidarity with our Ukrainian friends and show our condolences for the many civilian victims. But we also don't want to forget our Russian friends who are against this war, who are fleeing Russia in droves, who have been imprisoned and are now also living in fear. What is happening in Europe affects and moves us all, worldwide. I have also felt this strongly and in the middle of the night I have been in contact by phone with refugees who were on their way to the Polish border and heard shots and explosions around them.

Some of you are already socially involved - either with donations or in the first aid at one of the many stations. In the forum there is now also an campaign of a TPF fan from Austria: Hilfe für die Ukraine - die Community hilft.

We find such actions great, if you know others that are worth supporting, you are welcome to tell us and we will link them accordingly after checking (there are enough dubious offers...). Otherwise, please have a look at the official portals of the respective governments, here from the federal government:…stuetzung-ukraine-2009338.

We would ask you to keep postings on this topic out of other topics. Of course you can comment under this news post, but we reserve the right to delete comments that violate our forum rules or valid laws.

Please stay healthy and keep up the good cooperation here in the forum.

Many greetings,


Image: LINECTOR, CC BY 4.0

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    • Lollus,

      My family lives in Ukraine. You couldn't be more wrong. Russia has been ruining Ukraine even after the fall of the Soviet Union. The President is jewish not and nazi. Stop spreading likes, stop looking like a fool. You have no clue what is going on.

      • Sure matey, it is a beacon of freedom and democracy, only with a couple of swastikas here and there, no opposition parties, racial laws, biolabs and African salaries - unless one rents one's uterus or joins some vicious militias. Let's not mention the crimes in the Donbass, they would take your imaginary family by storm, I take it they are not from there.

    • People in Ukraine have been subjected to violence for eight years. Their system is similar to certain Latin American states with the all-powerful president and the vicious militias (I am sure our German friends will know what a Swastika or a Wolfsangel is and what it stands for). They even have racial laws (July 2021) and no opposition parties (March 2022) on top. This new phase is painful, but not all pain is in vain: several members of the vicious militias have been taken out. Besides, the decline of the criminal Dollar system pleases more than half, ie most, of the world population.

      • Your propaganda doesn't work here. We know the truth and we see the proof. Bye!

      • Sure mate. Critical thinking, though discouraged, is not forbidden yet.

      • Well you haven't been doing any critical THINKING in your post so I encourage you to look at FACTS and different, VERIFIED SOURCES before writting IDIOTIC comments. Oh - and PLEASE try critical thinking or expressing any government criticism in Russia - we'll see how FAST you'll find yourself in a hospital in a CRITICAL condition. Thanks! ;)

      • It's OK, you might learn as you grow up. Until then, you need to learn and respect different opinions: chance is, yours are wrong and childish.

      • Lollus,

        You are more ignorant than a newborn baby.

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