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Willkommen in der Transport Fever Community

Welcome to the fan community of Transport Fever and Train Fever, the economic simulators of Urban Games. The community is free for you to share and inform yourself about the game. We cultivate a friendly and objective interaction with each other and our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Registration and use is of course free for you.


We wish you a lot of fun and hope for active participation.

The Team of the Transport-Fever Community

  • Hello, can you please get back to me about a problem with your timeless mod for train fever, ive been looking in forums for your solution but you haven't visited it yet, thank you.

  • dear gwinda , how are you ?

    im brazilian fan of your work at transport fever mods

    i would you like (if possible ) update the freight airport mod for GOG users DROPBOX link at steam

    In the dropbox there is an unmodified version of the mod causing crash with the vanilla boieng

    If possible make version 1.67 available because I still have the error with the 757 boing vanilla

    thank you

    • If you haven't noticed it yet... The links where updated a few weeks ago. Enjoy... :)

  • dear gwinda , how are you ?

    im brazilian fan of your work at transport fever mods

    i would you like (if possible ) update the freight airport mod for GOG users DROPBOX link at steam

    In the dropbox there is an unmodified version of the mod causing crash with the vanilla boieng

    If possible make version 1.67 available because I still have the error with the 757 boing vanilla

    thank you

  • I've been hacking around inside your cargo mod, and I've made a version of it with a mixture of short/simple, medium and long/complex supply chains (so that goods can be produced and transported from the start of the game, but if you want more production you have to assist the more complex supply chains). I did this for my own amusement, but if other people want to try it, is it okay to upload it (since you did at least 85% of the work and I just reverse-engineered and tweaked it)?

    • ... more than 85%. I'm starting to realize how much work went into it!

    • There are a few mods out there now, based on this one. I don't mind if people tweak them as long credits goes where they belong...

  • TFGM version - 1503 released with some minor fixes.

  • Thanks to all the error reports you guys have sent me I have found a bug when TFGM founds multiple steam accounts. I'm working on it and will contact those that has approved me to get back for more info.
    If anyone else with multiple Steam accounts are experiencing "exceptions" about writing/reading the settings file, please send me a report and allow me to contact you back. If you don't want to give me your email address you can contact me in a PM here.
    (All email addresses shared with me are never sold or shared with someone else and are removed when the "case" is closed).

  • TFGM Release - 1494

  • Relese v1.0 of the sound mod published at…winda-s-sound-effect-mod/

  • Seit dem letzten Update erscheint immer diese Fehlermeldung. Ist es möglich das TFGM in einem falschen Verzeichnis liegt? Ich habe es nicht unter dem Ordner "Steam/...." abgelegt. Gibt es eine optimale Platzierung für TFGM? Oder muss ich TFGM nochmals neu installieren.

    "There is already a downloaded update not yet installed
    Do you want to Try Again to install the alredy downloaded update
    or Continue to download and replace this one with the new update?
    The previous update couldn`t be removed. Check that no other application is accessing it and try again"

    • You can install TFGM anywhere.
      It seems like something is holding the previous update file so it can't be deleted. You can try to delete it manually from its located in your TFGM storage folder under Download\
      The best is to close TFGM and maybe even reboot so all file handles get closed and then try again.

      You can also update by manually download TFGM from here…Train-Fever-Game-Manager/
      Just drop the files over your existing TFGM files and yes to overwrite.

    • Besten Dank für die Antwort bzw Hilfe. Ich habe TFGM neu installiert und es funktioniert wieder.

  • Please go to Trello and vote for new features in TFGM:

  • Released - 1442 with a new powerfull feature: Scripted configuration UI for mods.
    Next up will be to update my mods with UI scripts.

  • New TFGM update released to fix a minor bug.

  • You have to start the game at 1950 if you want all the roads and tracks available. These are hardcoded into the game. If you haven't unlocked the 1950 year, you need to play without mods to 1950.

  • Hi Gwinda I installed your Timeless & Cost mods to play a sandbox game, but I have a problem, I can only start a new game in 1850 with no electc wires, then all your electe trains wont work, is there anyway to have the wires early in the game or start the game later by a mod

    • Sorry if I haven't replied to you somewhere, but better late than never right? ;)
      The electrification year is hardcoded into the game and can't be modded in the current version. If you use the mod to get a sandbox, it really doesn't matter what year you start on, just start on 1950 to get the electrification.

  • Thank you very much!!! )

  • I just replied in the forum...

  • You don't know why the game doesn't see this mod in TFGM ?

  • Hi all, i have a problem with the cargoMod since the USA DLC. The wagons / trailer which will load wood and plank will now load only wood. In the wagon description is only wood too. But the crazy thing is that my old wagon from 1900 will load wood and plank. if i change it or buy the same wagon i can't transport planks, only wood. Please, can anyone help ? ( PS: sry for my bad english )

  • Hello. Thanks for the update. the TFGM succesfully installed Timeless and cost mod, also, I can select them now in the in game mod list, however, when I start the game, neother the timeless mod nor the cost mod work. Why? :(

    • Cost mod and timeless mod works entirely through scripts. I haven't had the time to convert them to the new system yet.

  • Hi Gwinda. The TFGM look very promising to me but I get an error when I open the .exe. Probably I did something wrong but It saying that the trainfever.exe could not be found and the train fever settings could not be found. At last Iget the message invalid characters in path and nothing starts. Do you know what this could be? Thanks in advance.

  • Hello. I just registered here. I wanted to download your actualized version of TFGM right now, and I can not extract it. Something seems to have gone wrong with your upload. 7zip is unable to extract it and also, the TFGM.exe has 0 bytes in File Size..

  • got a problem the game whont use the mod somehow and the lua proggie is also giving me problems canot find mods while its in the right place

    • the cost mod off coarsse

    • If you use TFGM you don't need the LuaTF.exe file at all, TFGM will handle all this for you, just enable the mod and off you go. If you use the LuaTF.exe, be sure that the rootdir variable in teh script is correct set to your TF folder.

  • Thankyou for all the great tools and mods

  • Hi Gwinda, your large HUD icon mod inspired me a lot. I'm about to release my first mod, in which I took some of your icons (clearer vehicle icons) for references. I hope it is ok. Credit is surely given. BTW. keep up good working on TFGM, it's a master piece!

  • thanks for your nice mods.. sorry my bad english

    • Thank you. My German is a lot more bad than your English, nothing to apologize for ;)

  • Hey Gwinda, thanks for the mods. I would like some help with something, could you point me to the file that determines when high speed track (and maybe even caternary) comes available. I don't like rebuilding all my train track late game, and this would fix it. Thanks!

    • These are the few things that isn't reachable from scripts, it is hardcoded into the game. We can only hope that Urban Games will make this available to us later on.

  • Hey Gwinda, I like your mods alot. I shared the cargo mod of you on a week ago, I hope you don't mind. Normally I would ask first, but I was not able to make an account yet on that moment. I gave all the credits to you offcourse!

    • No problem, all download links goes to my dropbox so I only have to update one location. I first used the beta test forum as the official place, but now I only maintain the German site. I'm waiting for Steam workshop before we can get a real official page for each mod. Please feel free to post them around.

  • Hey Gwinda what do u think about a container port and/or a airport. The container port might uses heavy oil, steel and working people to create Container/ products. What do u think?

    • I do miss this to fully replace OpenTTD and Simutrans. So far there is no core support for water and air vehicles. We will see how much access the developers will give us modders when they officially supports modding (Steam workshop).

    • Hopefully soon :D

  • Hey Gwinda! I'm using your cargo mod, but I have some troubles and maybe you can help me: I connected everything I need with the steel work, but the production is still very low. Some of the mines have a production with 0... I connected it with trains and they need 4 - 5 minutes to travel, but after some years there is no changing of the production. I only played with small maps and there the industry buildings started working without me, because they were close together. But with a medium map this doesn't work. I hope you understand my problem (english is not my native language). Greetings!

    • You need a demand for the end product; Goods. The Houshold industry will not produce any Goods until it has ALL the needed resources (steel, planks and plastic). This makes the game very challenging. Also, a city's Goods demand might be filled. To increase a city's goods demand it has to grow by providing higher flow of passenger transport and potential Goods delivery. By the way, your English is just fine :)

    • Hmm... maybe I did something wrong. Thank you :D

  • wie kann mann da dass geld erhöhen? könnten sie mir dass erklären

    • Connect at least 3 cities with passenger trains to raise money. The cargo will be profitable with time...