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The Team of the Transport-Fever Community

  • Hi. I re did your 156's having nowhere until now to find you. Having said that you had mentioned you were happy for others to modify/texture your models. Do you have a model of the 158's? I am currently learning the black art of 3ds etc. So itll be awhile until I can make models at least to my own standard. 156's are on steam redone by myself BTW. Thanks

  • Hey there, long time user of your wonderfully modeled 156's, and I've recently done a few repaints of them in various liveries, I was wondering if I could get permission to convert it into a different class for Transport Fever, with all credit due of course, wouldn't be for a while yet, as I have other projects planned, but I would love as many different classes in the game as possible as UK content is rather lacking, and I think your 156's would look great as 153's, what's your view?

  • I loved your work in Train Fever. I would love it if you were able to import most of the trains into Transport Fever. Just a suggestion.

    • Thank you for your kind words. Sadly I do not have any spare time at the moment to work on Transportfever Mods or play the game (I have only 7 hours playtime in Transportfever). As soon as my Masterdegree gets a bit less intense I will be back to Transportfever, but at the moment there is just no time. Yet a while ago I was asked by an other modder if he could import my work... so maybe there is a bit of hope left.

  • Hallo BritischTrains,

    I think your NS600 is a very nice model.
    I would therefore like this model to be released in a version of Transport Fever and available in Steam.
    Is that possible?


  • also with Transport Fever coming out in 3 days time would you port your stuff over to Transport Fever assuming the File system isnt all that different and i love your trains and i have given up trying to do the recolouring of the 3F loco due to a lack of time, going in and out of hospital every month and coming out like i did 24 hours in a gym lol and the fact my wife is getting big in a good way lol but thank you for letting me try atleast :) if i get time maybe ill finish the model off but for now its on the back burner

    • Porting stuff is a great Idea but I took a rather long break from modding, kind of involuntary, an need to still figure out how stuff is working in Transportfever. Furthermore I think I need some hours first to simply play the game :-)

    • well that is true but all in all it loks more like a game engine upgrade from train fever ive put in about 20-25 hours into the game and your mods work ok by the way just your gresley coach doesnt show people inside due to the fact it wasnt designed for it as your shannon engine all it needs is animations for crew which i think isnt too hard

    • TransportFever is the only game in this series I own/have played. The mods are filled with continental european and american stuff, so very excited for when you finally have the chance to port some stuff!

    • hello dark centurion i have seen a few diesels of british railway history turn up! so far ive seen the Class 43, the Class 34 deltic and another class o diesel that came out at the same time as the deltic they are all on the steam workshop hah i modded the class 43 HST locomotives sound to have its famous 3 toot horn sound lol

  • Hi BT i just found a discrepency in your Gresley Coach and its the seating arrangement! you set it to 46 when it needs to be 256! which in TF terms is 64 seats or 64 passengers per carriage this was how many one coach could take i had to research this mind and well i looked this up on the net and all the info i found stated the Coach was capable of carrying 64 people per Coach..... hope this helps

    • I always thought that the Trainfever balancing is shit and used a value that seemed appropriate for the game at that time, so it was never based on a real value to not make it overpowered.

    • lol true but when i set it to 256 i found that 8 of them on the train fever mallard handled my mainline issues well as i always had over 300 peeps at the station by 1932 lol then again maybe i am just a good buiness person and made people realise what a great service i provided lol but i did figure out the train fever and now transport fever passenger/freight size increase scale! odd but the base always works in 4's as i found 16 was always 4 passangers/freight cargo units seems to be the same in transport fever

  • Can we have a class 150 or a class 43. Those trains are just brilliant.

    • also what about the class 91 intercity 225! there is as far as i know no english electric train and the Class 91 is a fantastic peice of british electric locomotive engineering hell i have both the Class 43 and the 91 on my moddel railway set but most of it is steam as im nostalgic like that even though i was born when the Class 43 was only 8 into its service on teh British Railways lol as for the Class 43 Ant Craft its already on this site google 'HST_1 Mod for Train Fever' without the commers and youll find it was made by another guy its an awesome train to have :) im hoping all the english train stuff are ok to port over to Transport Fever to have a town renamed my home town and to have a Class 43 running thorough it would be like the old days before privatization :(

  • Am making a modpack atm, do you myn i use all your mods in it, aslong i put your name in the credits?, this modpack will be going public and will contain as much british trains as possible.

    • lol dude you stole my idea! lol well i hope you do well i have found a few stations that look very english on this site with a few tweaks to the model im sure it work hell the stations with the overalls would look awesome and there is the NS stations if i new more about modeling i could see how turning the bridge section into a green colour, replacing the fence work with traditional white picket fences and adding a victorianeque/georgian style building as the station house it could work but another trick on the NS station would be to also put the traditional old style english railway canopys XD the one i feel looks most like a english station whilst i have it loaded as one of the things in my TF game i cant seem to find the name of it XD still if i find it maybe i can help you also i can send you everything i have found and aquired that i figured out was british railways but i kinda did a naughty with one thing for the rocket i took the Dewitt Clinton Waggon and added it to the Rocket mod renamed them as "The Rainhill Trial Waggons" but also set the speed of the Rocket to 32mph as during the Rainhill trial its first outing it was recorded at 32mph and was doing so whilst pulling 12 waggons a feat no other engine in the race could come close to with the exception of one the engine called 'Locomotive' which would have won except it broke down at the start and was disqualified lol

  • hey British Trains remember i was doing a sound pack for the battle of Britain Locomotive? well im sorry it took its time but i managed to complete it for you i put it in my dropbox and hell you can have the files ok took a while for me to fix but its 100% original…20Class%20Sounds.rar?dl=0

    • also i have used your sodor map but not changed it as i have used it in a save game with the sodor city naming file i made i hope your ok with this as all i did was use your map and make a town.lau file with all the known sodor citys the map has 2 small starter lines and is set to 1850 and ill state again that i did not ever change the map in anyway i just used it as its perfect for my thomas the tank engine mod and i plan to expand on that to make it a mod pack i hope your not upset if you are i understand :)

  • Plus the British Wagons Project is coming along nicely...

  • When will you sort out the rendering issues with your 08's 09's and class 11's? its really bugging me when I have a 8-UTF error message every time I run a new game.

    • what do u mean by rendering issue? UTF-8 is a problem with the format of the text files used with the mod. The thing is I am not motivated to fix this, as I don't like the overall state these mods are in. They were my first locomotives and have a lot of issues in my eyes. therefore I want to rebuild them, but that needs some time and currently im rebuilding the GWR wagons. However there are some explanations on the forum how to solve the UTF-8 problem with mods :-) I will get to this problem, but as I said it will take time. However it is nice to hear that there are people who use these locomotives. Gives me quite some motivation ;-)

  • oh british did you ever recieve the files?

  • Any recent developments?

  • I've been busy scrambling around trying to find a steam tram locomotive that will run on railways in the game but I can't find one. Anyone have any ideas?

  • That's excellent news good luck with the rest of your exams :-)

    Any ideas on what you plan to mod??

    Is it straightforward to do??

    • Well, speaking in general I still have a lot of updates to do for my mods, but I do not really have fun doing this so apperently it will take forever to be finished. Then there is a project I began to create british buildings, I accepted to do a request for the class 170 and maybe the class 66, but no idea when I will start with those, because I still have an other unanounced project on hold, which is far more developed. Maybe I show some pictrures of it at the 20/21 of August ;-)

  • Hi British Trains, I hope you are well!! I have a question for you! Are you planning on modding anymore British trains for Train Fever at all??

  • Erstellen british Dampflokomotiven ist groß und alle, aber was ist der Punkt , wenn es nichts innerhalb des britischen catagory zu ziehen ? Ich denke, eine BR Mk1 nicht schaden könnte .

    Entschuldigung für die schlechte Übersetzung , wie ich bin nicht wirklich Deutsch und übersetzt mit Google Translate.

    • Do you speak english? I give you an answer in english it should be easier for Google to translate it. I build one coach until now it is the greasly teak coach. Creating a mod takes a mit of time and therefore i builded some locomotives first. My longterm goal of course would be to great rolling stock aswell. However this will take time as there is still real life to deal with. The Mk i Coach is in my personal to do list, because it could be rebuild into dmus. Sadly i can't give you a date when i can start with it.

    • Ok thanks.

  • Hallo, ich fange nach längerer Zeit mal wieder ein Spiel an und wollte deinen Gebirgsmod dazu verwenden. Welchen muß ich nehmen um auch Städte auf Bergen zu bekommen. Wie muß ich die terrains gen manipulieren um auch Schnee zu bekommen. Ich habe schon mal ein paar Einstellungen ausprobiert, aber Schnee bekomme ich keinen. Ich habe es mit der Version 1.2 probiert. LG Ralf

    • der mod macht im Moment ein wenig Ärger... ich bin allerdings die letzten 2 Monate nicht groß zum odden gekommen und dank der ganzen updates (neues modsystem, utf 8) liegt jetzt ein Berg arbeit an updates vor mir. der mod kommt auch noch drann. am ehesten sollte version 1.2 funktionieren probier mal : seed: "test", größe: mittel, und "hügelig"

  • Könntest du mal ein Tutrial machen wie du Mods erstellst? Würde mich sehr freuen!

  • ich hätte ein mod vorschlag

  • are you englisch ?