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Willkommen in der Transport Fever Community

Welcome to the fan community of Transport Fever and Train Fever, the economic simulators of Urban Games. The community is free for you to share and inform yourself about the game. We cultivate a friendly and objective interaction with each other and our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Registration and use is of course free for you.


We wish you a lot of fun and hope for active participation.

The Team of the Transport-Fever Community

  • Hey Enzojz. Don´t listened long time here from you, only saw in Steam workshop. What the matter? You have some problems here? We all like your modifications and want give you great honour. Your dont´want published your reworks for TPF2 here? Best greetings from Berlin

  • Hi.

    I want to aks you, whether you would converte the "flying junction" to be used with tpf2 or whether you would give your permission to be done so by other modder?

    thx :)

  • Hi. Firstly, I respect your work. I thought I would make a comment. I have spent much time in Germany. This has allowed me to see the huge difference in thinking between the UK and Germany. Its what we say 'palpable'. Re Class 66. When I came across this item, I had never heard of such a thing in my life. I have never seen a real one, I have a passing interest in trains. They are metal boxes. I had an interest in texturing a Class 66. I think the first one was an American livery. I finished the texturing. At that point I had no intention of doing any more. I had no idea who else operated them. So what do I do? I could take the strict regimented German view, or I could take the random view of the English. This is the difference. I could save the folder and leave on my PC, and maybe, perhaps I might do more. Instead I published the mod so others could enjoy it, and they did. Later I discovered other companies operate the same object. So I did some more. Users liked them. In essence there are many ways to life. So I don't appreciate a bit of finger wagging from anyone. These mods take time as you know, and most of all are free and a contribution to a poor game. I don't play the game, its sterile, boring, lacks strategy, gameplay, and fun. Its like buying a fridge. I need one but don't want one. Its why its a complete failure in the biggest markets for trains, US and UK. However, keep up the good work.

  • Is there a recent Zip version of your elevated station mod. I would love to use it but can't at the moment

  • May I ask, where did you get the information on how a blob and the appropriate msh files are formed? This info must be available somewhere, or how should the first developer of a Converter (afaik Blender Export/Import Tool) know how to convert stl data to msh and msh.blob? Any hint?

    • I just decompiled the "Train fever model convertor" to get known how it was formatted. You could do the same on my TPFMC. In fact by analyzing and guessing .mdl file you can also get a conclusion about blob, it's pure coordinates.

  • Hi, could you also bend your "elevated station" and create it with a height of 10m? In addition, the selection of a catenary would be helpful. That would simplify the station building of Berlin, where the S-Bahn partially runs on the dam :-)

    Sincerely - Ralph

  • Hi, könntest du deine "Elevated Station" auch gebogen und mit einer Höhe von 10m erstellen? Das würde den Bahnhofsbau von Berlin, wo die S-Bahn teilweise auf dem Damm fährt, vereinfachen :-)

    MfG - Ralph