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Exploitation of a software bug with resulting spam

Dear visitors,

many of you have noticed. A massive wave of spam is currently sweeping through our forum, we would like to comment on it briefly. A bot account has created an account on our website and exploited a bug in the software by using the function "send email to user". The Google Recaptcha Anti-Spam-System was bypassed and mails were sent via the form on this site. The bot account did not have direct access to your mail addresses during the complete spam waves, but only used this form for sending mails. Unfortunately we are not the only ones affected, but numerous forums are currently reporting the same problem. We are trying to limit the damage and for security reasons we have deactivated all options that access this function of sending mail. Furthermore, we have deactivated the registration for the time being to clean up and possibly even to make a report against unknown persons.

We deeply appreciate your understanding and your help, please inform us immediately if you continue to receive spam related to our site. The mails always contain the username of the spammer, this is the only way we can recognize and block the corresponding accounts.

Many greetings,

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