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    Can I convince you to build the danish DSB EG engine for the Nordic DLC? :D
    Untill some yeas ago it had a quite uniqe blue/yellow design.

    I know it's a bit different model with six axles instead of four, but the basic shape has much in common with the other Traxx models.

    I will see if I can find the drawings of P and MR/MRD.

    Very sad that you have problems with your computer, but hopefully it will soon be back in business :)
    I look forward to see the changes to the MZ repaint.

    Well done with the front! :thumbup:
    I think you did a great job with this.

    I guess the black stripe in the middle is because of some mirroring?

    Will be nice to see it with the texture ^^

    It's a very good descision to make an add-on for the DLC with more repaints and stuff.
    As long the normal DLC is playable and do not have too many gaps.

    Of cause the DLC plus makes it possible to give you suggestions of what to include.
    Sorry for it all being danish, but I hope others can provide suggestions for Sweden and Norway (For Finland there already is a long list).

    • DSB Bn and Bns wagons - for local traffic (it should be possible to modify the B wagons to this)
    • DSB MX - cheaper but less powerful than MY
    • DSB ME - modern diesel engine
    • DSB MR/MRD - as replacement in 80's for the MO
    • DSB P steamer

    It's cool that you made a repaint of the MZ to the old colors!
    The white color do strike me as a bit too white. Maybe try to put a little yellow in the color?
    A small issue is that the model is of the MZ (III) type, but all of those were delivered as red and black. Only the MZ (I) and MZ (II) were delivered in the old color.
    This means that some experts may spot some errors in this repaint, but to me this do not matter.
    Maybe it's possible to edit the side windows of the cab, to make them a bit bigger? See this page for pictures of the MZ (II).

    The Y-trains were built at the same factory as VT 95 and BR 628, and these trains are a bit like a combination of these trains.

    There might be other trains out there that have even more in common with this train. The factory built U-bahns and busses as well.

    Great work so far!

    I know that train has some very round edges, and may be hard to model. But so far progress is looking good.

    There are many pictures of the middle waggon on, but it might still be hard to see what is going on under the waggon.
    Look at the Yp waggons at the bottom of The GDS page of waggons, for example this one.
    I do agree that it's not that important.

    Cool to see the CM waggon being made!
    It will fill a big gap between the CC and the early waggons. :D

    It's right that some bigger steamers are missing. Perhaps some of the German steamers could be used as placeholders until someone builds the correct engines?

    The signal looks very good!

    A few suggestions for improvements:
    The yellow colour needs to be a bit more orange. Translated directly from danish the color should be fire yellow.
    Under the signal there should normally be a box, indicating the speed (with different figures, but TF can't handle this so no lights should be on).
    Under the box should be a yellow sign, with the name of the station. I suggest just writing Station on this sign.
    You can see both the box and sign on This picture.

    Regarding the blinking signals, the only relevant signal for TF would maybe be the PU signal. When more blocks are free after the station the PU signal will indicate blinking green. But I see no reason to change this.
    Regarding the block signal (AM) I have suggested that the TF green light should be displayed as two green lamps on the signal. In fact the signal should only show this if at least the next two blocks are free. But I think this is OK in TF, so there will be a bit more difference between the entry signal and block signals.

    I hope you understand my thoughts :)

    Sorry for my late reply, but I wrote to the guy who was making the danish signals for the RailWorks simulator.
    He do have some more detailed drawings of the signals, but one of the best drawings is actually the one at blokposten.

    Some very important informations are at the page along the drawing (sorry for not seeing this before :/ ):

    Before the 1980's the signals were 800 mm wide, and the distance between the two green lamps were 1500 mm.
    After the 1980's the signals were reduced to 600 mm wide and a distance of 1000 mm between the green lamps.
    The distance between the other lamps are 305 mm as shown at the drawing for the small main signal.

    I hope this information makes it possible for you to make another danish main signal. :D
    The smaller main signal is great, but it is mostly used as an exit signal for stations, and the larger signals with 3 or 4 lamps are much more common.

    I recommend an entry signal with 4 lamps (showing one green or yellow+red), and a block signal with 3 lamps (showing two green or red).
    The entry signal should have a small yellow sign below the signal, indicating that it's an entry signal to a station (these signs are also provided below the red/white distance markers).

    Again I have to thank all guys for making a fantastic Nordic DLC :thumbsup:

    It's very hard to find drawings of danish signals online. I have been searching multiple times, but still no luck.

    Maybe it's possible to scale the main proportions of the signals according to the pictures on this page?
    You can use your PU signal as reference.
    This plans might be better to use as scale. It also explains the signal aspects (in danish).

    I have found another page where a guy is building danish signals for Railworks/Railsimulator here. I don't know if the pictures are visible without registration on the forum. But maybe you can use the pictures on the pages 2,3 and 8.

    I hope that you can use some of my links :)

    I really agree. The Y-train/ML would fit better in Train Fever.

    I think it would be hard to use the small rail busses as the capacity is quite small.
    The Y-train can be formed to a longer train than the rail busses, but of cause not very long.

    Just because I'm Danish, do not mean that I'm an expert in the MO. ^^
    I think that the only time I have actually seen a MO is at the Railway museum.

    I have been googling a bit, and it seems that on most pictures the railings are the same color as the waggon. But on some pictures they are somewhere between black and the other color.
    So I guess it's up to you to decide what color they should be. But if you want to keep them dark, they should be adjusted a bit, like mediziner suggested.

    Great that you can use my feedback, look forward to see the result! :D

    I know that adding more to the mesh will increase the polycount, but I think these details will be worth it.

    I hope that you will add some smoke to the train at the exhaust pipe on the roof :)
    At this video you can see the color and amount of smoke, and I'm sure there are many other videos out there. :P