Quick question: Totalitarian Symbolism

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  • Hello, I'll be working on Italian trains and I have a really quick question: is the representation of fasces accepted or legal? I know it's a big no for the swastikas, but many other games deem the fasces still "acceptable".
    Some very iconic Italian trains are the 1930s "Littorine", small DMUs that quickly connected small communities.
    The problem is that those trains had small-ish fasces that were removed after 1945. (Attachments)
    What should I do? Thanks.

  • The fasces are still in use in various countries coats-of-arms even today: multiple symbols of the USA depict them, as does France and some Swiss communities. They are not as politically charged as other symbols.

    However, to be on the safe side and in absence of an official response from The Man on here, consider slightly tweaking the symbol. Instead of a swastika, the double cross from Chaplins "Great Dictator" has been deemed acceptable here. I'd expect that the omission of the axe from the fasces or maybe its replacement by something else ought to sufficiently "break" the symbology. For example a Stick of Esculap or even a loaf of bread with a dagger stuck into it or something like this possibly would look fairly similar...