NOB Question Steam and selecting subscriptions on items.

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  • Hello all
    I am new to Steam and have my transport fever through them. I have gone to workshop and subscribed to a few new items. In Example the DA 060 Romania. (It is beautiful, thank you OLDS) I see at the bottom of the page it downloading.
    I go to my PC and look for it in the files but find nothing on it but it runs fine in game. Does steam really download its files or when running the game I must be connected to steam and they hold the files there and allow my PC to access it as needed.?
    Thank you for your help in understanding this.

  • The Steam files are downloaded to Your computer. You can find them under (Steam directory)\steamapps\workshop\content\446800 etc.

    It is strongly advisable not to leave them there. A "subscribed to" mod will be in a way linked to Steam that whatever change to it may occur on Steam will be mirrored on Your hard disk. In case of updates, this is helpful; in the not at all remote case that a mod disappears from Steam, it will as well be deleted from Your hard disk without any way for You to intervene - there is after all a difference between subscribing to and downloading something.

    So to solve this problem, either get Your mods from the sizeable download section on here or move the Steam mods from the mentioned directory into (Steam directory)\common\Transport Fever\mods\... to get them out of Steams reach.