Industrial dirt yard station

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  • I am currently working on a mod like this:

    WIP dirt station

    Essentially - a platform module which is nothing more than a patch of dirt, which you can paint over. Other than that, it behaves like a normal station. Just looks cool.

    Anyhow - I've spent some time on it, staring at the modding wiki, but am at loss. I've got some queries :)

    1. Can I control the height at which cargo appears on the station? Is 'transportNetworkProvider' somehow linked to it? I would like the dirt to be lower than it is now ( which is 0.8 ).

    2. How do I detect that my module is next to a station building? The game generates a 'platform' buffering station buildings from the platform modules, but GetModuleAt gives me nothing.

    3. regarding the 'transportNetworkProvider' - is it possible to make a platform a shared storage space for the entire station? There is a mod that does this kinda/sorta on the steam workshop, but not quite.

    4. BTW - can I make track module that does the same landscaping as a platform module? In the perfect world I would like the station to be a continuous flat area with half sunken tracks in the middle and storage place all around. I tried to do it analoguously to how platforms do it, but didn't get the result I want.

    My ultimate goal is to detach the platforms from the tracks, so each track module on a station creates a terminal and is linked to a common storage space for the entire station. This way I could get a more realistically looking cargo stations - with several tracks in parallel and storage space somewhat to the side.

  • WIP: Paintable industrial stations WIP: Paintable industrial stations, example use WIP: Paintable industrial stations, example use

    Current work on this project. The platforms work the way I want them to, at least within the constraints of the game. The track though. I failed to find a way so I would have a working track module without forced terrain manipulation below it. The terrain alignment in the *.module does work, but then is overriden by placement of the track. I would like the rails and sleepers to be semi sunken in the dirt, but the best I could to was to narrow the shape in the track definition, but that causes all kinds of other trouble - like catenary tool not working.