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  • So I've finally found the Archives with all the blueprints from 1859 to 1970! I'll be studying which train is worthy to be put into the game and then a very big list will appear HERE (a link will be provided), if anyone is interested in joining is free to do so by contacting me on this page or privately.
    Also if anyone is interested in completing my catenary work I'm willing to give all my work (the 3D models and reference pictures).

  • That's as far as the archive will go, but I've read there's also stuff from 1999.
    Besides, nowadays we Europeans share the UIC wagons and not many locos have been developed in the last 20 years (E464 reigns supreme).
    There are so many blueprints and not every one has a full usable view of the vehicle. For example, many steam locos show only the top part and no wheels are shown, as if those were part of a chassis built independently.

    Also I'm not afraid to say that I'm a beginner and the only thing I'm being comfortable with is 3D modeling, so if anyone is interested in helping me learn and/or help in the coding/texturing department that'd be great!

  • These are really good news as I'm planning to create a package of all (most) Pull-Push-trains with the "Semipilota" from the 1950s until today for Transport Fever 2. These will include the Corbellini, Ribassati, MDVC/MDVE, Doppio Piano 1979, and Vivalto, together with the E.424, E.646, E.632 Tigre and E.464 locos. :)

  • Ah, grazie per il link! È anche possibile da scrivere/leggere in Italiano, perché ho imparato l'Italiano nella scuola. ;) Non lo parlo perfettamente, ma capisco il maggior parte delle parole.

    Vorrei cominciare da costruire i treni in primavera 2020 dopo ho finito ricostruire tutti i miei treni austriaci per Transport Fever 2.

  • That's awesome! I'm Italian, but I prefer to keep it international ;)
    I'll start working on the 3D models of my vehicles, and boy there are so many!
    I'll also post the list of them here, so that everyone who would like to partecipate has some sort of database to which start looking for blueprints at

    The site doesn't seem to give technical informations of the trains given, but sometimes it's written on the photos themselves; also a good search on Google should do.

    Here's the list, there's some codes to find exactly the picture I (we) need:

    name - site - year - photoID - nickname

    Locomotive a vapore - Steam
    -Gruppo 180 (FS)
    -Gruppo 290 + tender
    -Gruppo 320 (FS)
    -Gruppo 800 (FS) cubo
    -Gruppo 910 (FS)
    -Gruppo 691 (carenata e scoperta) (FS) (covered and exposed)

    Locomotive Diesel
    -D. 141 (FS)
    -D. 341 (FS)
    -D. 342 (FS)
    -D. 345 (google)

    -ETR 200 (google)
    -ETR 250 (google FS)
    -ETR 300 (google)
    -ETR 450 (FS google)

    Electric Automotrici - small EMUs
    -ALe 790-880 (the same) (FS)

    -ALe 792-882 (the same) (FS)
    -ALe 660 (FS) planned by ya boi InfinityRibbon

    -ALe 803 (FS?)

    Locomotive Elettriche - Electric
    -E 326 (FS google)
    -E 424 (FS) planned by DomTrain V
    -E 646 (FS) planned by DomTrain V
    -E 444 (FS)
    -E 646 planned by DomTrain V
    -E 656 (FS) Caimano
    -E 632 (google?) Tigre (drawings not found) planned by DomTrain V

    Carrozze passeggeri GENERAL - Passenger
    -Acrz 1° (FS) (1905) AR_01_09_01_0001_00_0001.tif
    -AIcrz 1° (FS) (1910) AR_01_09_01_0003_00_0001.tif
    -AIz 1° (FS) (1931) AR_01_09_01_0005_00_0001.tif [AR_01_09_01_0015_00_0001.tif] (these have been updated a lot until the 1960s)
    -BCDT 2° (FS) (1932) AR_01_09_02_0002_00_0003.tif AR_01_09_02_0002_00_0002.tif
    -BCz 2° (FS) (1958) AR_01_09_02_0003_00_0001.tif
    -BI 2° (FS) (1947) AR_01_09_02_0005_00_0001.tif
    -UIC Bz 2°(FS) (1966) AR_01_09_02_0018_00_0001.tif
    -Cz 3° (FS) (1947) AR_01_09_03_0002_00_0001.tif Centoporte planned by Licaon

    -Cz 3° (FS) (1950) AR_01_09_03_0010_00_0001.tif Corbellini
    -CIz 3° (FS) (1906) AR_01_09_03_0006_00_0001.tif [asym!] (these have been updated a lot until the 1960s)

    Carrozze passeggeri MISCELLANEOUS - Passenger
    Most of them are asymmetrical remember!!!
    -Miste serie ABI 1° 2° (FS) AR_01_09_04_0001_00_0009.tif [asy!]
    -Miste serie ABIvcrI 1° 2° (FS) AR_01_09_04_0001_00_0019.tif [almost sym]
    -Miste serie ABI (lunga) 1° 2° (FS) AR_01_09_04_0001_00_0010.tif [asy!]
    -Miste serie ABRN 1° 2° (FS) AR_01_09_04_0001_00_0023.tif
    -Miste serie ABN 1° 2° (FS) AR_01_09_04_0001_00_0022.tif
    -Miste serie AN 1° (FS) AR_01_09_04_0001_00_0027.tif
    -Mista Locale AR_01_09_04_0001_00_0006.tif
    -Serie AI 1° class (FS) AR_01_09_04_0001_00_0026.tif [wtf the windows don't correspond]
    -Serie BBR 2° class END (FS) AR_01_09_04_0001_00_0028.tif
    -Serie BBR 2° class (FS) AR_01_09_04_0001_00_0029.tif


    Maybe I got a little bit carried away... but I'll put my effort in this great project. I don't want to end up like someone else (whose name I don't remember) who tried "Project Italia" but got overwhelmed by the amount of work to do. This post will act like some sort of "legacy" so that people can look at the development here and choose what to add.

  • That was me :DD
    Yeah, I got overwhelmed with the requests for the RhB interiors and my other, real life... At least I got to make some repaints and the E464 and MDVC. My next plan was the E414 and Frecciabianca, but here someone was faster. :)

    (Currently I am working a lot and aside of that, if I have some free time, I'm out cycling. Let's see, maybe in the winter I'll have more motivation and also we will know what TpF2 brings. :) )

  • I will continue to write in English, because there are few people who can speak Italian here. :(

    @InfinityRibbon: I have found this picture of the E.632 which seams to be mostly correct:…969#imgrc=zCSLwPEEH8WoJM:

    @denesberky: Yes, I actually wanted to ask you some day, because you have done great work so far. It would be great if I could include your models and create the old Navetta and modern DTR livery for them. As far as I know the MDVC and MDVE have the same shape and size. ;)

    Edit: I think the SBB UIC-X and FS UIC-X are almost the same. Maybe a repaint would be enough to create the Italian version of them?

  • Edit: I think the SBB UIC-X and FS UIC-X are almost the same. Maybe a repaint would be enough to create the Italian version of them?

    same works for ÖBB Eurofimas, an easy repaint to FS will do I guess ;)

    or DDm cars
    FS has got DDm too:…uto-518399-30118-5DDm.jpg

  • This is turning out to be quite the useful place! :D Organizing our efforts we'll avoid redundant work. @DomTrain thank you for the link, it will be useful both for the model and the texture! ;)
    If anyone is interested in the catenary work (helps with immersion!), please read the previous page because I have no idea how fix the damn thing. :P

    Also I've made some progress on the ALe 660! A preview will be available soon-ish.

  • Hi, all,

    I would like to ask you this:

    Is it easy for you to repaint UIC-X passenger coaches that already exists for DB in Rosso Fegatto livery?

    Or the italian coaches are diferent from other UIC-X?

    I'm looking forward to have classic italian trains in my "layout" :)


  • So here the Preview promised! After some polishing the 3D model of the ALe 660 will be ready! I'd like to make also the Le 800 carriages to make a EMU version of the train, which will be a little more useful. (from 66 seats to 66+80+80= 226)
    Le 800 carriages are just like the ALe 660, but with no engines and no pantographs, so it will be super easy to do ;)

  • More previews incoming! This is an example of EMU compositions, the rule of thumb is that for every carriage there should be an engine to guarantee optimal acceleration. On flat routes an engine+2carriages was considered fine. Gotta reach that sweet max speed of 150 km/h fast!
    Common used compositions:
    (E=engine; C=carriage)

    Now, if anyone is interested in texturing (and possibly animate) this beauty, I would be tremendously pleased.

    EDIT: Damn I just found out that Le800 are a bit different, so I'll be correcting them ASAP