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  • UPDATE* - Considering Feedback - I drew back. But, I was having fun with this, so I'm going to just release it anyway.

    - Game Launcher with Quick Settings (Attachment 1)
    - Mod Inspector (Attachment 2)

    • View all Currently Installed Modifications / Their structure / Their Code / Their Assets

    - Burner Plate (Attachment 3)

    • Create a new Mod Folder and auto-generate files
    • Add predefined Functions to Mod Files
    • Import Files / Models and auto-generate resource hierarchy
  • I think I don't need a tool like that (I'm sorry to say that).
    You are trying to Trello,, Winzip, VS Code, TFMM, TPF Model Viewer, TPF Model Editor, GitHub and Model Importer in a jack of all trades programm.

    When you will be finished with all this stuff? Do you have build mods to know what your tool should handle?

    Community Link (Easy Access to TF2 Forums / MessageBoards)
    I have a Browser for this

    Complete Listing of Modifications / Addons for TF2

    Make Mod-Requests and Vote-Up other Requests!
    Modanfragen (Requests)

    Report issues on Modifications and Request Support,

    Receive Feedback directly & dish-out support when someone reports an issue
    There are lots of tools for that. GitLab, GitHub, Trello, Steam Workshop

    Save all files/code in a compressed file-format until ready to Release
    It needs the same time to compress my mod using 7-Zip as unzip this file to release it on steam workshop

    Analyze your code to find issues with any other indexed releases
    Nice, but it's better to make a VS Code or Notepad++ plugin for it

    Release a test-run to specific people with a key-generator for DL
    1. I don't know how this should work
    2. The Steam Workshop and the Transport-Fever Webdisc already have this feature

  • you never know. Your post has given me a lot of food for thought - I appreciate that

    to throw some responses

    Indexing: (Listing Mods)
    1. Maybe the whole indexing of mods is a bit - redundant. but, IDK...
    2. There are a ton of websites - and if I hated one thing about TF1 - it was finding something special here and not on steam, or on skymods, or tfmods, or the - what was it? - 3 Russian websites (that I had to spend time decoding just to find out what it was I was looking at). Hours... pressing next page and still can't find that one I swore I came across last week but didn't save...
    3. no page-loading times. its instant. 250 records 0.0034s

    Requests and Tagging
    1. Tag as Working on it - COULD, and i stress the could - COULD make working as groups a lot easier. You'd know which dev, which project is trying to tackle the request. Speak to them or work on something nobody has a goal set on yet
    2. Requests centralized for the developers..Russian, German, English, French - All on one listing - no duplicates.

    1. since its handling the directory - it would upload a list of installed mods, copies of the base files with changes made highlighted, any dump reports, windows os settings that could help a dev pinpoint a problem or help someone solve the issue by fixing what they did wrong.

    Compressed File Format
    1. a dedicated fileformat for the modsuite itself. the file contains all details, avatars, files. It's more than a zip - its a project saved without any effort and ready to export to any and every website.
    2. exporting for steam will export all needed items for steam, leaving out the added avatar for other sites and programs.

    Analyze Code / Profiler
    1. Markup for LUA is internal. Already working
    2. Auto-Complete based on game contents and modification itself will take some pain out of making sure a file is prepped the right way
    3. auto-generation - fill out the details and all the files needed are generated, strings for example with all descriptions.
    4. Analyze the code and the app finds all connections and warns the user on compile.
    5. importing items or adding files, processing models and meshes, manipulating the resource hierarchy without having to touch explorer or even know what you're doing.

    Community Link (Internal Browser to Websites):
    1. User and passes saved - hit and go... yea. kinda just one of those things, but.. i'd use it.

    Development Release
    1. no idea if it'd be useful - no idea if it existed... not an everyday dev for TF - the idea sprang from group projects Ive seen, 4-5 developers amuck on a single goal - this would allow testing between each person and feedback without releasing the mod to the public.

    As for when?

    I have the studio running - projects created, folders made, files auto generated (strings, refs), imported, markup for lua, export - It's opening and reading 3d objects, though I haven't gotten very far on the processing of them yet. learning a lot though... so regardless (I'm taking this as a fun lesson... even if it doesn't get used.) - original game resource files in database to use as compare / contrast.

    its usable. but, would take a few weeks to be legit.

  • Allow me to offer a few considerations as well please.

    - Indexing.
    The desire for this is based on the multitude of sites hosting mods, each of them offering a certain portion of those, be it smaller or larger. Behind this is as well the copyright issue: many modders prefer not to upload their designs to sites like Steam because of their rather... shall we say, liberal attitude to respecting the modders rights to their creations.

    This function is not so much aimed at modders, seeing that they tend to build stuff they want in the game themselves instead of trawling the web for a download and also that they do know where they prefer to upload their designs. It is rather geared for users trying to find out whether a certain model is available.

    There are already websites like that gather and offer links to various sites available.

    - Requests and tagging.
    This is a slightly two-edged sword. Such a funcion might be of interest to a certain fraction of players. However, hounding modders with requests (like it is done on Steam) and pestering them for the one model one individual player might need for his personal game is generally not that highly regarded and neither is it increasing the likelyhood of this model appearing in the game. Basically, a modder builds stuff for one of those two reasons: a. because he wants the model in his own game, or b. because a friend (in the loosest possible meaning of the word) has a need for it. If an inspiration is needed, it can be found for example in the respective subforum on here where everyone can unobtrusively place requests and back them up with technical or other information needed for the mod, should a modder be interested in adopting it. Most modders run a dedicated thread on this forum, which is another channel available to use for requests.

    I personally do not miss an additional channel. The mentioned ways of requesting mods appear completely sufficient.

    - Reporting.
    To whom would this be uploaded and why? If one has issues with mods, why not contact the respective modder and ask for help? This method has been working quite well on here... Is there a need for an additional middle man?

    - Compressed file format.
    I do not really see the need to abandon an established, common format like .zip or .rar for something closed and only running with a certain game. What benefit would this generate? And, again, most modders have made a conscious and informed decision about which websites they do or do not upload their designs to.

    - Code analyzer.
    I do acknowledge that this might lower the bars for people considering to take up modding. However, for those with some experience, there are already established ways of writing and debugging their progams that do not need anything beyond the Model Viewer, a basic text editor and the game itself.

    - Community link
    Is this something a common browser cannot do? This site for example runs perfectly on my old Firefox. Any other program would just add another window to my screen. What benefit would this bring?

    - Development release
    Sharing developing mods between people is easily done via this site as well. It is possible to send data via PM or to restrict access to uploaded data to a freely defineable group of people, all it takes are their usernames. Again, I fail to see any benefit in having an additional program...

    In total, such a program would seem like an amalgamation of this site and some features of steam. It appears to just add a middle man to a system that is already running quite well. At the moment, I do not really see the need for this...

  • the fact that I got two semi-positive responses there was pretty rewarding.

    you sir, have my respect. I guess you could call it a sincere attempt at being a part of this games community - from the onset of the latest iteration. This whole idea is more than likely my intended response to those little annoyances, which, as you say - are mostly dealt with quickly using a variety of other sources.

    One issue - Maybe I'm spending too much time sitting on the request boards and too little time looking at what the development community is actually doing. Further, the years of headaches might have been more avoidable had I taken the time to just create more content myself.

    Let me tag on and just verify:

    1. The only thing that even sounds remotely usable is the tool-sets. Importing models, batching files, and the pulling together of the mod itself - if only because it offers another way of doing it that could potentially save time and headache.
    2. while some features (ie, auto-complete, generation, compiling) - may provide new or less-capable modders a convenient route - it carries no real weight for anyone who is already "working the scene".
    3. Indexing is redundant in your opinion - regardless. Any minor benefit would be cancelled out by yet another medium to contend (inclusive of reporting)

    In answer to the question on reporting - the idea was to have it sent to the modder themselves. likely via a secured email send.

    ... any case, my post was to garner the knowledge you guys have provided - opinion, ideas, thoughts on what is, right now - needed or not, wanted or not, thought through or not. I am definitely going through my ideas and cutting things down.

    I appreciate the feedback,

    (I'm sure there's a task out there I can be of use on lol)