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  • @Enzojz,

    So I still get the same result with workshop but now I get an error log output from the console. This was the result by using a simple cube model, though I get the same regardless of file format.

  • @Enzojz[/u],
    All sorted thankyou! On my windows 7 system I got a different error message from before, as below.
    Apparently my Visual C++ wasn't installed correctly on both systems and I needed the x86 version as well, I wouldn't have been able to find this problem without your error message though so thanks!

  • @J95459

    Hello that means you need this:…oad/details.aspx?id=30679

    I will try to recompile the dll and figure out a way to avoid install this.

    I have recompiled the assimp lib and now it should not asking MSVCRP110.dll

    In previous version the convertor was always compiled into 32bit version so I made a mistake here. Now it's 64bit/32bit depending on the system.

    If the problem still exists, please ask me.

    This guy is too lazy to create a signature. 8o

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  • Hi @Enzojz,

    Animation are quite easy actually, they are defined in the msh file that will be animated with the following parameters :

    Animation_name_1 is the name of the animation (you can have multiple animation in the same msh file), it will be used to call the animation from the mdl file.
    Origin is... well, the origin.
    keyframes are the different steps of the animation. Each step contain a time in ms which indicate the length of the animation, and the rotation and translation to apply. TpF can play the animation forward or backward (for opening and closing doors with the same animation for exemple).

    I can't really help you with creating animation in blender though, as i do them manually in the msh file, but i can help you test the exporter as i have imported msh with animation that i can reexport with your tool.

  • @Anachron13

    Ok. It's clear, is there any scale transform animations?


    Yes, FBX(2011/2012/2013) will work with it, ASE also if you are working under max.

    In general, read out animation information should have done in assimp lib, but I need to know if I need to apply any extra transformation like flip Y/Z or scaling, so some work need to be done.

  • @Anachron13

    Ok. It's clear, is there any scale transform animations?

    There is using the animation type "KEYFRAME_MATRIX":

    There's also a third animation type which is "FILE_REF", which references an .ani file with time and transf data.


    OK. Are the animations applied to the whole mesh/blob?

    Yes they are and activated via events in the .mdl file and can also cascade down .grp files.

  • @Skiwee

    Thank you, so I will also try to see if scale will work lol. But it seems scale mean nothing? Perhaps for smokes it's useful.

    I've used scaling with my End-of-train device to minimize the light(emitter) bleeding threw the mesh (practical application). I'm sure there are other uses for it as wel, I've just not had the need for it besides that. Also there are scripts (vehicleutil.lua) to animate rods/piston's of steam-locomotives that use it.

    p.s. Smoke uses the particle-emitter system:

  • Hi @Enzojz

    Is it planned that groups will be recognized?
    So I could build in 3dsmax groups with bogies and axes and your converter would automatically write the group / mdl files for it.

    So to speak a one click function.
    Import the fbx, sits everything where it should? If yes to press convert and everything is game ready exported / converted.

    That would be wonderful :love:

    If you can then somehow assign the seats by click, you are finally my hero :D

  • Hi,

    If you can then somehow assign the seats by click, you are finally my hero :D

    I think he would be "everybody that make mod with seats" hero if he can come up with something for that :D

    Btw, it would require some clever math to properly place passengers depending on their orientation (as they are off-centered), so it may be a motivation for you @Enzojz, as you seems to like that ! ;)

  • It looks like this and it is written in the mdl files.

    But how can you install this in your tool. This is a really good question.
    Maybe @BR146 since a few tips, he had started the same project some time ago. But unfortunately is currently very busy with the university and unfortunately does not really come first.

    He said meanwhile he is already using your tool. ;)

  • @Grimes

    In my opinion, this can be purely done as a function with some parameters in the script, since it's almost repeative

    Could you give my an example to show me these information:

    Seat distance (left/right, before, after, orientation, passage width, groups(face to face, face to back, back to back), larger group etc..)