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    Hello everyone,

    I have adapted ETH's invisable track to be a lot smaller. This way, i can get a better enbankment on my rail as can be seen in the screenshots.

    However, most of the time this small invisable track is not snapping to the regular track. There are some spot the small track will snap to, but those are very rare and irregular.

    Does anybody know what causes this and how to fix it? I really like the broader enbankment, but as of now it is only half usefull.


    The betuweroute (betuwe line) is a rail cargo corridor in the Netherlands spanning from the port of Rotterdam to Germany. It is one of the main routes of transporting cargo into europe.

    The betuweroute is build with a special set of assets, most whick I would really like to see in TpF2. Most of these would also look great in many other settings.

    I was hoping someone would be interested in making (some) of these assets. Thing i would really like to see are:

    Catenary Poles:

    [Blocked Image:][Blocked Image:]

    Soundbarriers (full height and half height):

    [Blocked Image:]


    [Blocked Image:]

    I have a whole lot more information available if someone if interested!

    I think espacially the soundbarriers could be a great benefit to most peoples games.

    Let me know what you think.

    How does one install the Final Destination thing?

    I have the most recent API installed and the final destination function is enabled.

    I put these lines in model files.

    After that I changed the labellist type to List = mylabeltype.

    I replaced all the trains, but i still cant get the option to set end station. The trains still act as NEXT_STOP.

    What am i doing wrong here?

    I have created my own invisable track mod, but with smaller tracks (to fit next to regular track and creating a path)

    However, i have some question about the ground texture.

    In the picture you can see the outlines of the track in blue, but the ground texture doesnt scale with the track width. How do i get the ground texture to be slimmer? I have tried alot, but nothing so far seems to work.

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    I am also quite handy with changing cargo and cargo visuals on wagons. For my private game I added the containers from the container asset pack to the MAV Lgss container wagon to create a more uniform look with the other containers wagons available. I also addes the cargotypes from Yeols Senseless industries to the Lgss, Sgnss 60, Sgnss 80 and the Sdggmrss Gelenktaschenwagen.

    Would anyone be interested in a released version of this? (if at all alowed by the original creaters)

    Really love this addition. I just hate that the game wont allow me to place a signal on the front and back of a support beam. :(

    Also, all the lights in the other signals all seem shifted to me.

    Hello and welcome in my repaint corner. Here I will be showing my reskins and post the download links to the repaints. Keep in mind that I only create repaints. Credits for the models and original paintjobs lay will the original content creator. Feel free to add comments, tips and feedback.

    You might leave suggestions, but since this is purely a hobby for me, I will not be pressured into making reskins.

    My interest for repaints lay mainly in freight trains, especially those that are active in the Netherlands. As many of you might know, the Netherlands is home of the port of Rotterdam, which is the gateway to the rest of Europe. Because of this, most of these reskins would be applicable to most parts of Europe.

    In the next coming days, I will complete this post will all of my current release reskins.


    Good carriages

    It might be a conflict between duplicate file names. If Your Dutch trains use a light texture/emissive map called light.tga for example and another mod uses a different such file by the same name, it may well happen that the game only loads the latter.

    Try to have the trains loaded earlier in the sequence (if feasible with regards to Your other mods) and see if that solves the issue. This is a symptomatic remedy only though. If this helps, look into Your trains .mtl files to find out the file name and then have Windows search other files using the same name. Renaming that file name and adjusting the respective .mtl should cure the issue.

    Putting the dutch trains first in the load order did not change anything. I also find it very weird that only the dutch trains get affected by this. They are all connected via a sound mod, but this mod does not have a light.tga or a lights.mtl file.

    If there is a HDR texture, make sure that it can be found. Not found textures get replaced by some kind of blurish texture. I would take a look in the stdout.

    Textures are all in place, there are also no error messages. The color just changes from yellow in the modeleditor to blue ingame.

    Hey everyone,

    Since some time now, all the headlight (front signals) of my dutch trains have a blue-ish color (like a LED). In the model editor the light for these trains are yellow-ish (like they are supposed to). I cant for the life of me figure out why the lights are colored differently and what mod is causing this.Does anyone have any idea?